Saturday, September 19, 2020

Another session completed!

The fourth class of the PT Training Center returned to Agape on August 31 for their second session. As usual, the session began with a test over the material from the previous session. A few students needed two attempts, but eventually everyone passed, earning a certificate of completion for the first session. 

Between students, temporary residents, and rehab patients, Agape was full to the brim for these two weeks! Since spinal cord injury was a big topic for us this session, it was extremely helpful to have so many residents currently at Agape with spinal cord injuries. Another plus for the students was to have multiple members of our rehab team (Alina, Katya, Veeka, and Pasha) participate in teaching. All of them are former students of our program and I really enjoy seeing them now teaching other Ukrainians!

We covered many topics and learned many new skills, often moving out and about in Agape to practice on one another: 

This group is now halfway through the program and will return in January for their third session. Several of them are from the Lutsk area and have the possibility of joining our rehab team in the future. The other three work in Rivne with some former students to provide rehab at their church. God is calling more and more people to use rehabilitation as a means of sharing Christ with people with disabilities in Ukraine and we are grateful for the role we are called to play in their training! Thank you to all who prayed for us during this session! 

Looks like we have said good-bye to summer, but God's beauty continues to abound as we say hello to fall!