Thursday, February 25, 2021

Winter News

The melting snow, sunny days, and temps moving above freezing have us believing that winter may soon be on its way out! So I should catch you up on some of our activities since the New Year. In January, we completed the 3rd session for the current group of students of the PT Training Center. 

We were privileged to have Annie, an occupational therapist that lives in Uzhgorod, join us for the second week of teaching. We were grateful that she was willing and able to participate and that this group of students could learn about occupational therapy from an actual OT. Following the session, Nikita (the tallest guy in the pic) joined our rehab team. He is currently training for several months with Pasha before he begins working independently as a PT. We are thankful that our team is growing and, therefore, the number of patients that can receive rehab at any given time is also increasing. The plan is for this group of students to return for their final session in mid-April. 

On a fun, personal note, a few of us were able to get away to the mountains to ski for a few days at the end of January. We had a great time and enjoyed the beauty of the snowy mountains!

We returned to a snow-covered Lutsk and the month of February has held many very cold, snowy days. We got more snow over a few days than I think I've ever seen except in the mountains. It will definitely take a while to melt the large piles of snow everywhere. We enjoyed walks by the river and evenings by the fire during this time!

 Taken from the balcony of our office at Agape

                                       The Agape dog has found his new favorite lookout point

                                  We definitely got a workout clearing the driveway for our car!

Lutsk city center

With the growth of the rehab team, the current building at Agape is rapidly becoming too small to accommodate both rehab patients and temporary residents. So plans are actively moving forward to begin construction of a separate residential building on the property that will house 8-10 people with disabilities. This will allow the main building to be devoted to the housing of rehab patients, which will allow us to invite more people for rehab as we have the therapists to provide them with services. Please join us in praying for the planning, construction process, and necessary finances to begin and complete this next phase at Agape. 

That's the quick update from here. We are thankful for the Lord's provision, protection, and grace in our lives these first months of 2021 and look forward to what lies ahead for Agape and the work here in the months ahead. 

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