Thursday, July 22, 2021

Agape Celebrates 5 Years!

On June 25, a party was held to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Agape Rehabilitation Complex! Current patients and residents of Agape, employees, and other guests were in attendance. Polos shirts with the Agape logo were given to all employees for the occasion. The evening included a delicious dinner, a concert by some of our own employees, recollection and gratitude for how Agape came into existence and has been upheld by God's hand these past 5 years, and an admonition to continue in the work from our senior pastor at Fimiam Church. It was a wonderful evening together!
I love working daily alongside this rehab team that has become like family!

The pictures below are particular favorites of mine. Sasha Tkachuk (left) is senior pastor of Fimiam Church and my home church leader. Sergiy Bolchuk (right) is another Fimiam pastor and the visionary leader of our ministry. These two godly men deeply love the Lord and others and it is a joy to be shepherded and led by them. Their passion to sacrificially serve the Lord with their lives is a tremendous example to all who have the privilege to witness it. Their earnest, sincere prayers of gratitude, praise, and petition are an encouragement to me any time I get to hear them. Please pray for God to continue to grant them both wisdom in the roles into which He has called them. 

The following link is for a video made for this 5th anniversary. Unfortunately it is not yet in English, but you can still watch it to see Agape in action. Many employees and a few residents are stating "For me Agape is..."

So what else is going on at Agape? 

Well, paperwork is being completed so that construction of the Agape House can begin. This building will provide temporary or permanent residency for 18-25 people with disabilities. Our current building will then house only people who come for rehabilitation. The need for this new building is increasing as our therapy staff grows and is able take on more rehabilitation patients while the needs of people with disabilities to have a place to live or visit also continue. There is much to pray about in regard to the Agape House:
    - That the paperwork will be approved soon so that construction can begin this year.
    - The finances needed to complete this construction.
    - Wisdom for the big and small decisions that will be made throughout the construction process.

The prospect of the Agape House brings much joy to many people with disabilities. The majority of people with disabilities do not live in a place that is fully wheelchair accessible and allows access to the outdoors. When many of our friends with spinal cord injuries are at home, for example, they must stay in bed as moving about in their apartments or homes is not possible. Also, many people with disabilities have caregivers who are ageing and are increasingly unable to care for them. So the Agape House will provide them with a place to reside, temporarily for most and permanently for some. But Agape cannot offer this for free and people with disabilities draw a very small amount of money from the government, many less than $100 per month. This is an inadequate sum to purchase necessary hygiene supples and medications, as well as cover room/board at Agape. If anyone feels led by the Lord to assist someone with residential costs at Agape, please let me know and I can help you become acquainted with a person in need and also how you can donate the funds. This is a current need and will be an ongoing one when the Agape House opens in the future. 

Rehabilitation continues to be in full swing this summer. This is one of our recent patients who was much loved by all and brought a smile to our faces every day. 

Thank you to all who think about and pray for us. God has given us many blessings in the past five years and we look forward to what God has in store in the future for the Agape Rehabilitation Complex!

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