Monday, May 9, 2022

Evacuations Continue and Rehab Resumes

Last week, the 9th group of people with disabilities and their family members evacuated to Europe. This group included 43 people from eastern regions of Ukraine. 

It has become increasingly difficult to find places in Europe able to house people with disabilities, so please pray for this provision as the need for these evacuations does continue. Agape will continue to receive, house and feed refugees with disabilities, but as of today we are also back in the swing of rehab. Our patient load is decreased as our about 1/3 of our employees are not in Ukraine and our rehab team consists of only 6 people at this time. But we are thankful to be able to take this step and open our doors again to those in need of physical rehabilitation! 

In my previous blog, I wrote that we were in need of one or more buses to replace our rapidly declining ones. Praise the Lord, funds were provided and two buses found in Germany!! One bus has been purchased and is already at Agape and the second one is in the process of being purchased this week. Thank you to all who prayed and gave financially toward these much-needed buses!

Also in recent weeks, Sveta, Alina (our speech therapist) and I made another trip to Budapest to receive money donated by so many of you for Agape. God blessed the trip, we were able to see a bit more of the city, and also got to tour the apartment our new friends in Budapest are renting for Ukrainian refugees. 

While we have partially resumed "normal life" with the beginning of rehab today, the war in Ukraine continues to be seen, heard, and felt. A fuel shortage has resulted in hours of waiting lines at the pumps, if you can even locate a gas station that still has the type of fuel you need. Prices are understandably rising for everything. Air raid sirens continue to go off at varying frequencies. The fighting in the east is never far from anyone's mind. And the need for prayer and divine intervention to end this war is known by all.  

Please continue to pray with us for a Ukrainian victory in this war, for the safety of civilians and soldiers in the fighting zones, for the provision of fuel across the country, for the church to continue to be agents of assistance and be faithful to share the gospel, and for the work of Agape as we mesh refugee care and rehabilitation. Thank you again to all who support us with your prayers and finances! May God be glorified in the work of His servants! 

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